CV Writing

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When a company decides which people to interview for a job the only information they have about you is in your Resume or CV.

Your Resume is your one chance to prove that you deserve the interview more than the numerous other people, who have also applied for the job. They may have similar qualifications and training as you do, but you want that interview don’t you?

Today it is getting even tougher to secure a good job and it has never been more important to have an outstanding Resume. It used to be sufficient that a Resume simply listed your education and work history. However, today’s successful Resume needs to also market your strengths to potential employers and sell you, over and above your peers. It must demonstrate your unique style, skills, achievements, and abilities and put you on that short list of those to be interviewed.

An effective cover letter explains your suitability for the role, highlights your skills and enhances the chance of your CV being read. We provide both internet and postal cover letters for the same great price. ..Our Process