Executive Job Search Improve Your Chances Of Landing That

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Executive Job Search Improve Your Chances Of Landing That Dream Job.You have worked your way up the career ladder and are now a responsible manager but you want more. Landing a good executive job is not dependent on luck. Experience, skills, achievements and your personality are all just as important. So what do you have to consider to get yourself ready for the executive search?Dress For Success: First impressions count. The impression that you give your staff, your customers and your bosses is very important. You should dress to meet the needs of your job and the business culture. At executive level that usually means a suit for males and females, good jewelry and presentation.Be An Achiever: At executive level, your potential employer is looking at how you will affect their business. They are seeking an increase in their turnover and their profit as well as looking after some key customers and developing their existing staff. Always mention 2 or 3 business based achievements on your resume or CV and be prepared to talk about them in your interview. Identify the budgets and staff that you have been responsible for.Show Some Mastery: As well as the improvements that you can bring to your next potential employer, they will also be looking to bring in some expertise. Identify what your strengths are in skills and experience and look for executive roles that demand these. For an executive position, most employers want to hire someone who is already an expert in their own field. Potential employers are attracted to people who have already mastered their career and have established continuous career growth.Finding an available executive job is always more difficult but with some preparation and knowledge of your own abilities it becomes a easier to get the job you deserve!———————————————–Lee Lister has written a book for job seekers called FastTrack to Job Success that can be found on She also provides CV and Resume writing services and specialises in senior managers and those changing career paths.This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. ———————————————–391

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