Getting a Part Time JobEven if you are only after

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Getting a Part Time JobEven if you are only after a part time job it is important to take the search seriously.Part time jobs are available in various places. Look around your neighborhood; check out the school, university or club bulletin boards, the local paper and even the web for job postings. Many large supermarkets and factories also post their vacancies on boards as do local shops. Many employment agencies also offer part time and temporary jobs.Here are some tips to make a good impression:* Always have aresume ready. Even if you don’t have much experience, it will show the employer that you are a serious job seeker. The resume should contain your job experience, skills andhobbies.* When meeting an employer, dress appropriately and be clean and presentable. Whilst a suit might not always be presentable, dress well and appropriately to the job you seek. Thus if it is a sports related job you can dress sportily, if a music or young person’s clothes shop – then some appreciation of the latest fashion is required.* Be prepared for your interview by researching about the company you want to join.* Start your interview with a firm handshake and project an air of confidence – but not arrogance.* Be persistent as getting a job is not easy and there will be a lot of times that the employer will say no. Don’t take it personally, everyone has been rejected at one time – even Elvis and the Beatles were both rejected numerous times until they became the success they deserved.* Lastly relax and show yourself in a good light!————————————————- Copyright 2006 Biz Guru LLCLee Lister has written a book for job seekers called FastTrack to Job Success that can be found on She also provides CV and Resume writing services and specialises in senior managers and those changing career paths.This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. ————————————————-351

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