How To Keep Searching For That Job When Nothing Seems

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How To Keep Searching For That Job When Nothing Seems To Be WorkingYouve been chasing a new job for some time now, are getting some interviews but are still stuck in the old job or worse still unemployed what do you do?The main thing to remember is to keep going. You may think that you have little chance of that job you have always dreamed of but if you dont keep applying for that new job you have exactly zero chance! So cheer up and the job market again. Heres your action plan.ReviewHave an honest review of what could be going wrong. * Is your resume being sent off but you are getting no interviews?* Are you getting interviews but no offers?If you are not getting enough response from sending out resumes then your job seeking or resume writing skills are in need of a tune up. If you are getting interviews, but no job offers then your interview techniques need fine tuning.Job SeekingIf you are sending off your resume and getting little response then maybe you are not applying for enough jobs or the wrong kind of jobs? Take a good look at your skills and ask a trusted friend about your soft skills such as interpersonal skills. Investigate as many job adverts as possible to find the type of jobs you want to do and more importantly want to do.Your ResumeTake a second look at your resume. Are you emphasizing your skills and experience as well as a few achievements? Does your resume demonstrate that you can do the job that you are seeking? Consider using a professional resume writer, who will work with you to market you in the best possible way.Your Interview SkillsWinning that job at the interview is a skill. Read as much as possible on the subject. Get feedback on past interviews if you can. Be honest with yourself do you know where you went wrong? What did you say that you should not have done? What questions did you find wrong? Set up your strategy for the next interview you will receive.And above all dont give up!———————————————–Lee Lister has written a book for job seekers called FastTrack to Job Success that can be found on She also provides CV and Resume writing services and specialises in senior managers and those changing career paths.This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. ———————————————–443

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