Interview PreparationCongratulations! You have mastered your CV, sent it

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Interview PreparationCongratulations! You have mastered your CV, sent it out to potential companies, and have been called in for an interview. You have conquered the first half of the job search battle, but it does not stop there. The time and effort but into interview preparation is just as important as the time and effort put into your CV. You have already impressed your potential employer on paper, but the interview gives you the crucial opportunity to impress him or her in person. Before the day of the interview, start your interview preparation by mentally rehearsing your answers to potential interview questions. Prepare your answers to the classic interview questions: Why should I hire you? What are your personal strengths and weaknesses? What about our company appeals to you? Being prepared with those answers will ease your nerves in the interview and show the interviewer you have taken the interview seriously. It is also a wise idea to thoroughly research the company, its objectives, and the job description for which you are applying. Being able to speak intelligently about the company is impressive and will increase your credibility with the interviewer. The more you know about the company, the more questions you will have. Prepare a few questions for the interviewer. He or she will be flattered by the challenge and appreciate your sincere interest in the company. After all, you and the interviewer have asked the questions, take a minute to thank the interviewer for his or her time and to sell yourself. In less than thirty seconds, briefly recap how interested you are in the position and why you are the most qualified. You are up against tough competition so do not worry about being too modest. Interview preparation is about not only the conversation between you and the interviewer. A major part of a successful interview is going in with confidence. Having done your interview question preparation will help during the conversation. Before you get to the interview, make sure you are dressed your best. Do not be too overconfident and let your qualifications speak for themselves. There is always a boost of self-confidence when you look professional and you are dressed for the job. The interviewer will notice your confidence in your stature as well as your speech. Your nerves are already a bit on the edge so you should avoid anything that could get you worked up. Before heading to the interview, know exactly how to get to the location and who to ask for when you arrive. Getting lost is nerve-wracking, and being late sets a bad first impression. Get to your destination early to avoid being late and treat yourself to a nutritious snack to give your brain an extra boost. Now your interview preparation has paid off and your interview went well. Feel free to send the interviewer a brief email thanking him or her for her time again. If after a week you do not hear back from the company, call to politely follow up on when a decision will be made. Then patiently wait for your positive feedback. Good luck! ————————————————-
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