Time To Go? Are You Going To Be Sacked

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Time To Go? Are You Going To Be Sacked Or Made Redundant?

You are working away as usual at your job, but things are starting to change around you. Is this the start of the end of your career with your current employer? Should you jump before you are pushed? Here are some signs that all is not well with your career.

Consultants On Site: There are suddenly a lot of new faces in the office, warehouse or shop. They are wandering around and asking questions and there seems to be a lot of changes afoot. If your area seems to be getting more than its fair share of attention. These are warning signs that big changes are imminent. If you are not hearing reassuring comments from your boss, its time to update your new resume.

Meetings You Are Not Invited To: If you hear about a series of unexpected or unusual meetings between your boss and their boss then something is going to happen. Even worse if your boss seems to be constantly in meetings, when they used to be more freely available then changes are absolutely going to happen.

Out Of The Loop: If projects that you used to belong to, no longer require you to be involved. If things you were responsible for are taken away from you. If you suddenly have more time on your hands. If your co workers talk about things you have no idea about then you are out of the loop and are being marginalized. It seems as if no project is for you or a whole bunch of meeting you would be interested in are organized without your knowing, Time to review your future with the company.

Change in responsibilities: Have your responsibilities changed quite dramatically recently? Was it a quick change without a prior evaluation, pay rise, promotion? Was the new position is presented as a true opportunity, but you know very well that no one wants that job?
Are you given less and less work? Then maybe it is time to invest in the perfect suit for a job interview.

A new boss: If you get a new manager, then it is possible that they will bring along some of their own people – team members, that they have worked with before and trust. They will definitely want to do things differently. Does your job and way you work fit in with the new regime? Remember the dinosaurs evolve or become extinct!

You need a good job strategy, a great resume and interview training.

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