Why choose

Why Choose JobSuccess

So why choose JobSuccess over all the other CV Writing Services you see?

1)  We have been on the internet for over 15 years – More than many other sites and we are prominently mentioned on all the major search engines in many countries.

Ah but can you write???

2) I am a published author many times over – just Google me! – See Us Here or Here to see the quality of my writing! We have written all of the books on this site. There are not many CV writers who can boast this level of writing expertise!

OK then – what do you know about CVs?

Well apart from over 10 years running one of the most prolific career services web sites on the internet that is. I am a management consultant with more than 25 years experience – which means that not only do I have to tender for work with my own CV, but I often search for new employees on behalf of large blue chip companies. I know what goes in an interview generating CV, what large companies are looking for and what you need to have in your CV to ensure that your STAND OUT from the others!

JobSuccess – For Interview Generating Resumes or CVs and Interview Advice.